About Us

We love giving that brings joy in a way that brings change to the community.

Let's hang out!

Hey there, we are little bundles of joy and our job is to keep you safe and social wherever you go. Most of all we love to keep those grubby hands happy and clean!

So, will you go out with us?

Keep it local

Giving brings joy. So as a local business, we are committed to giving in a way that brings change to the community. Based in the Northern Beaches in Sydney, we have already gifted 1000+ bottles to various worthy causes, including schools and churches.

Hang around everywhere

Let you in a little secret... we are seriously hooked on bags!

We love hanging out wherever we can: backpacks, school bags, handbags, sports bags, gym bags, shopping bags, tote bags, briefcases, laptop bags... we don't discriminate.

We love to stick to other things too: in the car, on the pram, on the bike, in the tent, on the treadmill, you name it.

Get involved

Just send us a photo where you like to hang yours and we will upload it and send you a free replacement. Or simply #shakehandshs

Hashtag options: 


#letshangout - photo image including shakehands product and event or people

#hookedon - photo image including shakehands product and where it's hanging. Be creative!

Free replacement

And guess what's really cool? You wear it, we'll refill it.
Send us your empty bottle and we'll top it up free of charge!

Buy less, demand more.

Personalise your brand

Want to give your brand a shout out and catch some love along the way?

Shakehands is at your service. For a minimum order, we will personalise the label to your brand name and come up with a really cool graphic for you.

Just e-mail us for details: info@shakehands.com.au

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