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What an incredibly strange and restless year 2020 has been? With COVID starting to ease as we exit the year, it is exciting to see people venturing into the public again. The pandemic has really left us traumatised to that it means to be human –connection, community and relationships. Technology has immensely kept us connected however it can never completely satisfy our innate craving for the human touch.

As we all venture out into the weary economy, businesses more than ever carry the responsibility to speak up. Not only for the benefits of themselves but also the good of the customers. We all know that customer loyalty is a powerful investment but how often do truly invest in showing “we genuinely care”? With the ever-tightening budget and aggressive revenue goals, the social side of the business is frequently put on the back burner. But is there really a dichotomy between business growth and social impact? There shouldn’t be.

Remember in 2000, a viral photo of the “rescue hug” melted the heart of the world and reminded us of the healing power of touch. Never underestimate the power of a little gesture. And as we exit 2020, more than ever, we all need a reminder that we’re in this together. So how can business share a thoughtful touch to customers and the wider community?

Well for as old as time, customised merchandise has been regarded as a marketing gem. It’s an effective way to promote brands and create lasting impressions. There are three things to consider when selecting a product to share your brand love: high-staying power, usefulness, and lasting awareness. And here’s where Shakehands comes in.

What do you recon always sticks around, help people to go out and stay connected? Little hand sanitisers ready to go whenever and wherever you are. These little bottles of branding goodness are a practical way to say we are relevant, and we know what matters to you. Especially through this trialling pandemic, everyone is left jaded and paranoid from all the restriction and health precaution. Exhausted from virtual connection and paranoid to venture out from the safety of our nests…Why not pop the social bubble with this powerful promotional tool, that speaks volume of your brand values?

Not only does these products help people roaming about carefree but just think about the amount of brand exposure with a customised logo. Clip your brand to a favourite backpack, purse or schoolbags and watch the number of brand impressions flourish. Having branded hand sanitisers are a powerful visual reminder for healthy wellbeing for both communities and the business.  

What better way to begin the new year than grabbing eyes, crushing germs and keep people connected? Shakehands is here to help you leave a thoughtful gesture with lasting impressions.

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